Babruisk: member of Free Trade Union of Belarus gets dismissed

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 31 July Dzmitry Kurmaz, adjuster of automatic lines and transfer machines of the 5th grade, was dismissed from the Babruisk Plant of Tractor Parts and Units. He worked at the plant since 2007 and had no disciplinary punishments. The worker is sure he was dismissed because of his membership in the FTUB.

"The plant administration does not hide the fact that my contract will not be extended because I am a member of the Free Trade Union unit at the plant. All employees of the plot are surprised and outraged by the decision. The surprising fact is that the plant
has an acute shortage of qualified personnel, whereas the administration of the plant dismisses qualified workers, at the same time giving announcements that it needs such workers," wrote Dzmitry Kurmaz in his appeal to the Minister of Industry of Belarus after learning about his dismissal.

The worker does not believe he will be reinstated. "I don't hope for your protection. There are principles from which can not refuse. The right to choose which trade union to be in is given to me, not to my boss. I just want to inform you about the personnel policy of the Baburisk PTPU,” reads the statement, a copy of which was sent to the head of the plant.

Dzmitry Kurmaz's fellow workers were outraged by this decision of the management of the plant and wrote a collective letter to its head, Aliaksandr Ahranovich.

address you with a request to extend the contract with the adjuster of the 5th grade of the mechanical assembly workshop No. 1 Kurmazau D.M.. During the time of his work he proved to be a good worker, performing his duties efficiently and quickly. The machine tool operators whose machines he serves, have no pretensions to his work. He is a reliable companion in the team, who enjoys a well-deserved respect and reputation. We, the employees of the mechanical part of the mechanical assembly workshop No. 1, are surprised by the decision of the administration of the workshop, when the labor contract is not extended for such aa qualified fitter as Dzmitry Kurmaz,” reads the statement signed by 25 colleagues of the dismissed worker.

I declare that the dismissal of Dzmitry Kurmazau is political in its nature”, stated the chairman of the primary unit of the FTUB Mikhail Kavalkou. “The factory administration often accuses us of politicization, but we just try to defend the rights of workers. Here's what they do now - it's a politicized, biased approach to work. Remember the recent case of Siarhei Pichuhou, whom we barely managed to get reinstated at work. What concerns Dzmitry, we do not expect a miracle. The deputy head of the plant on personnel and the plant ideologist Uladzimir Yeliseyenka didn't work in the same workship with Kurmazau, but dismisses him. At the same time, the people who work there, appreciate his skills, but cannot to anything to change the situation! I regard this as the destruction of our trade union organization, as far as they dismiss those who are not afraid to express their opinions. Ahranovich and Yeliseyenka do not realize that over time they can be caught in a similar situation,” commented Mikhail Kavalkou.