“Granite” administration ignores independent trade union

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The administration of the Mikashevichy enterprise “Granite” refused to provide office room for the independent trade union, though its members addressed a member of the lower chamber of the Parliament Larysa Vershalovich with a request for assistance in solving this issue.

As it follows from the answer of the enterprise administration to her inquiry, office room is provided only for an “acting trade union”. According to the head of the independent trade union organization, Aleh Stakhayevich (fired from the plant because of his civil activism), everything possible has been done for receiving a room, but there is still no result. At present this case is being considered by the International Labor Organization. Mr. Stakhayevich hopes that the head of “Granite” administration will listen to the conclusions of this international institution.

According to Aleh Stakhayevich, the official (pro-governmental) trade union has no problems with receiving office room. According to its information, it has got 40 primary units registered since the beginning of 2012, whereas independent trade unions haven’t obtained the state registerion even for one such unit since 1996.

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