Searches and interrogations non-stop

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”


KGB officers of Salihorsk have interrogated Uladzimir Lemesh, an electioneering agent of Andrei Sannikau. The interrogation lasted for about 4 hours. Lemesh could not speak about the details as he signed the non-dislosure obligation.


The Brest Region KGB department interrogated Viktar Chaikouski, electioneering agent of Mikalai Statkevich. The interrogation lasted for two hours. Chaikouski was made to give a non-disclosure obligation.


On 3 February KGB officers interrogated Mikalai Charnavus, electioneering agent of Ryhor Kastusiou. He was asked whether he had been in central Minsk on 19 December. Charnavus answered that he hadn’t been there that day and hadn’t agitated anyone to come to the protest action.

Viktar Tsiapin didn’t come for interrogation, as a result of which KGB officers paid a visit to his working place. They asked him about presidential candidate Uladzimir Niakliayeu. The activist believes that KGB has no evidence of mass riot and is trying to find anything to support the accusation.


On 2 February afternoon KGB officers searched the apartment of Ryhor Kryvitski, a member of the electoral team of Andrei Sannikau. The searched lasted for about 90 minutes. The KGB failed to find anything ‘prohibited’ and didn’t confiscated any items.


The search at the apartment of a civil activist Zmitser Bulanau lasted for several minutes. Police officers took a look at his computer (which had no system unit), examined CDs and didn’t confiscate anything.

Zmitser Bulanau is not a member of any political party or civil movement. He participated in the protest action of 19 December in Minsk and served 10-day arrest for it. In some time after his release from jail he was asked to come to the police for a ‘talk’. He asked to be issued with an official writ. As a result three people in civvies paid a visit to his apartment. They presented a writ, twisted his arms and led him out. The activist is still kept at the investigative isolator in Valadarski Street in Minsk.