Homel: KGB wants to ‘talk’ to Statkevich’s electioneering agent Yury Zakharanka

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An unidentified KGB officer called to Mr. Zakharanka to invite him for a ‘talk’ as a witness in the case of the ‘mass riot’ that had allegedly taken place in Minsk on 19 December.

Yury Zakharanka: ‘I said that I was recovering after a hunger-strike and was feeling very bad. That’s why I asked them to give me an official writ, after which I would come to them. The man said he will consult his administration and then would phone again. However, I haven’t received any telephone calls from him yet.’

Yury Zakharanka had been detained in the center of Homel on 19 December, the Election Day, and sentenced to 12 days of imprisonment, allegedly for using obscene language. He kept a hunger-strike of protest during all 12 days. During his arrest he was also questioned by KGB officers concerning the criminal case on the ‘mass riot’ in Nezalezhnastsi Square in Minsk on 19 December.