Alexander Atroshchankau: ‘Detention in police department can’t be called anything but torture’

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

‘It was one of the cruelest dispersals of an opposition demonstration I can remember. People were detained brutally. They received blows to their backs, kidneys, heads. Beating was continued in the police buses and in the police department,” Alexander Atroshchankau said.

‘The detention in the police department can be called an hours-long torture. The beaten people were forced to stand facing a wall motionless for four hours. The detainees were beaten and insulted from time to time. Police officers refused to call an ambulance for the injured for six hours. Our friends who were standing near the department called an ambulance. Police officers refused to let the medics in two times. In this context, I’d like to appreciate the courage of the protesters. The fact such people live in our country gives a hope this outrage will soon end,’ the European Belarus activist said.

Bear in mind that Mr. Atroshchankau was fined 525.000 rubles (about $185) for participation in the rally against the arrival of the Russian troops in Belarus.