Teachers Forced to Join Pro-governmental Party

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 8 February Uladzimir Savitski, head master of the secondary school of the village Vezha (Slutsk district) said that there was an official order obliging teachers of his school to join the Belaya Rus party.

On 11 February the teachers were given filled in application forms. They needed just to sign them. The head master said to them: ‘Either you sign the application forms party, or I’ll sign the orders your dismissal.’

As the site www.ucpb.org informs, only a history teacher refused to join the pro-governmental party. She is a young teacher, who is working her compulsory term after university. Probably, she hoped for dismissal.

The school staff supposes Uladzimir Savitski was told to ‘swear allegiance’ ahead of election to the House of Representatives. He probably was promised to be given a deputy mandate if all teachers of his school joined Belaya Rus.

By the way, the head master of Hutsuki secondary school prepared filled in application forms for the Belaya Rus party for teachers. Teachers of kindergarten from the village Vezha have already become members of the Belaya Rus.