Zmitser Lisienka Arrested for ˜Freedom to Shchukin!’ Graffiti

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Kastrychnitski court of Vitsebsk found the youth activist Zmitser Lisienka guilty of ‘petty hooliganism’ and fined 310 000 rubles (about 145 US dollars).

The activist did not take the blame, but the judge believed to the police reports and testimonies.

Zmitser Lisienka was detained in the evening of 9 June near Vitsebsk regional police department, on the walls of which somebody wrote Freedom to Shchukin!. Zmitser said that he came to Vitsebsk on 6 June in order to support Valery Shchukin during the trial.

All in all, during that week three administrative cases were brought against him. Lisienka was fined 620 000 rubles for disobedience to the police during dispersal of the picket in support of Shukin near Pershamaiski court of Vitsebsk. There Lisienka defended the girls whom the police were beating and pulling into their cars. He was also arrested for three days for the graffiti Freedom to Kazulin!.