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14.02.2012 Barysau: strike at BATE plant

As RFE/RL reports, electrical equipment assemblers at the main production site of the Barysau plant of automotive and tractor electrical equipment (BATE) stopped their work in the morning on 13 February. Workers of the second production site joined the strike. Workers are reported to have stopped working protesting against low wages. The received only 1.3-1.5 million rubles in January.

05.02.2008 Entrepreneurs on Strike

In Belarus a part of individual entrepreneurs continue a strike against presidential decree #760, by which they have been prohibited to hire staff with the exception of three close relatives.

01.02.2008 Entrepreneurs Refuse to Pay Taxes

Belarusian entrepreneurs begin a mass campaign on refusing to pay taxes from today.

15.01.2008 More Than 50% of Individual Entrepreneurs Have Taken Part in 2-week Strike

‘About 50-60% of Belarusian entrepreneurs supported the strike. In Minsk only about 40% worked,’ said the leader of the campaign For Free Development of Business Viktar Harbachou.

14.01.2008 Brest: Solidarity of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs from Brest expressed their solidarity with the demands made at the protest demonstration in Minsk and decided on continuing the strike until all people, sentenced to arrest on 10 January, are released.

17.12.2007 Entrepreneurs to Strike on December 19th

Anatol Shumchanka, leader of Perspektyva movement, urged all entrepreneurs to take part in the strike on December 19th.

14.12.2007 Countrywide Strike of Entrepreneurs Appointed on 19 December

This information was distributed by activists of the entrepreneurs’ organization 'Perspective'. The leader of 'Perspective' Anatol Shumchanka said that the strike of entrepreneurs against presidential decree #760 prohibiting the employment of non-relatives, would take place at the markets of Minsk and all oblast capitals. He also said that provincial entrepreneurs can join the action as well.

24.09.2007 Entrepreneurs Strike in Barysau

Barysau entrepreneurs announce a warning strike

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