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Picks of the Week

27.01.2019 Picks of the Week

Another cycle of segregation for political prisoner Mikhail Zhamchuzhny; Brest initiative group for holding referendum on car battery factory construction ban refused registration; Pressure on independent journalists; Arrests for graffiti against police violence

Authorities ban local referendum about Chinese technologies park

13.07.2012 Authorities ban local referendum about Chinese technologies park

Smaliavichy residents weren't allowed to decided whether they needed the Chinese industrial park, created with the assistance of Belarusian officials.

03.05.2010 Activists of BPF Party are summonsed to procuracy in connection with car tax referendum

Recently, several activists of the Belarusian Popular Front Party have been summonsed to the procuracy concerning one of the party’s initiatives. BPF wants to initiate a nationwide referendum on the question ‘Do You support the keeping of the tax for import of cars on the level of 26 November 2009?’ and have lodged documents with the Central Election Commission for registration of an appropriate initiative group. The commission must give its answer by 4 May.

Miron hangs out another flag

14.05.2008 Miron hangs out another flag

The legendary Miron has carried out another action in Vitsebsk. He hanged out a white-red-white flag on the roof of a 16-storeyed house, one of the highest buildings in the city.

14.05.2008 White-red-white flags over Minsk

White-red-white national flags appeared in Minsk and other Belarusians towns on the 13th anniversary of referendum 1995, when the national symbols were forbidden.

27.06.2007 CEC Refuses to Register Initiative Group for Amending Labor Legislation

The goal of the initiative group was to cancel the contract system through a national referendum.