Niakliayeu’s Association Denied Registration

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As said by the politician, he had been denied registration on formal grounds.

The Justice Ministry denied registration to the republican public association For Statehood And Independence!, BelaPAN reports with a reference to the words of one of the initiators of the organisation’s creation, the candidate for presidency in the “elections” in 2010, a poet Uladzimir Niakliayeu.

As said by him, the registration was denied on formal grounds.

“The movement is formally called the republican public association (RPA) For Statehood And Independence!, while in the list of founders this abbreviation (RPA) is absent, and it is written just The public association For Statehood And Independence! The Justice Ministry allegedly failed to understand that it was one and the same organisation, and considered the list of founders invalid,”  Niakliayeu said.

“But they have realized everything perfectly well, certainly, he added. And if no – they could have called, written us, in order to clear it up. When the Union of Writers, which Lukashenka wanted to be friends then, was reregistered, five persons per day ran to me from the Justice Ministry then: “There is a wrong letter here, Mr Niakliayeu, and here stands the wrong comma…” And they fair-copied everything themselves.”

However, the Justice Ministry has nothing to do with it, the politician believes.

“We all know who registers or denies registration in Belarus, imprisons or releases from prison. Be it Niakliayeu or Chyzh,”  he said.

Besides Niakliayeu, the founders of the movement were the first head of the independent Belarus Stanislau Shushkevich, the first Belarusian Nobel Prize winner Sviatlana Alexievich, an ex-candidate for presidency, a recent political prisoner Mikalai Statkevich, a trade union leader Henadz Fiadynich, a politician and writer Liavon Barshcheuski, and many other prominent politicians, artists, community leaders. However, as Niakliayeu believes, “it is not so important who had been denied.”

“What has been denied, that’s matters, – he stressed. – The Belarusian state denied registration to a civil initiative, aimed at maintaining independence and statehood! And it happens amid an obvious danger for our independence and statehood.”

“It is not simply a paradox. And not just another kick in the teeth of the civil society, an outright defiance against freedom, democracy, law. It’s a statement of the fact how we live in reality: the society and the state. Separately. In parallel worlds,” – Niakliayeu said.

He does not see the point in holding a new founding congress and submit documents for registration to the Justice Ministry again.

“As the experience of all unregistered organisations has shown, it is a senseless going around in circles. We shall register the movement For Statehood And Independence! as an international association. Lukashenka has a kind of a duty, and we have a right, a civil duty to fight for Belarus. We can do a lot for it – and we are going to do so. No matter who is trying to interfere,” – the politician added.

The founding congress of the movement For Statehood And Independence! took place in January, in a month the documents were submitted to the Justice Ministry. Then Niakliayeu supposed that “the authorities would not be able to find plausible grounds for denial to register a patriotic public association, which aim is maintaining and strengthening of statehood and independence of the country.”