Freedom House: Belarus Has Most Non-Free Internet in Europe

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The US non-governmental organisation Freedom House has published its annual report on Internet Freedom worldwide.

The period under consideration started in June 2014 until May 2015. Once again the report includes Belarus to the group of countries with “not free” freedom on the net status, Radio Svaboda reports.

According to the estimations of Freedom House, that this year Freedom on the Net index for Belarus is 64 points. Last year it was a little better, 62 points. (According to the methodology of Freedom House, the countries with from 0 to 30 points have a free net status; from 31 to 60 points – partially free, higher than 61 point – not free).

It is noted in the report that Belarus, alongside with Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Ethiopia is among the countries which are trying to ban means of bypassing Internet censorship – such as Tor.

Belarus has the worst result out of the European countries analyzed in the rating. Among all the former Soviet republics in the survey, only Uzbekistan has worse index than Belarus (78 points).

Russia’s rating has dropped by 2 points, and now it is the same as the last year rating of Belarus – 62.