Political prisoner Mikalai Dziadok is pressurized through incarceration

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Mikalai Dziadok

Mikalai Dziadok

Pressurization of Mikalai Dziadok in penal colony No. 9 in Horki increases. On June 9 he received the seventh penalty since his transfer to the colony – ten days in the punishment cell for refusing to work.

May 12, Mikalai Dziadok was transferred to penal colony No. 9 in Horki. On May 13 he was placed in the penal cell for five days. In a day, on May 19, he was again placed in solitary confinement in the penal cell. Due to the extremely low temperature he suffered there the whole night, asking to be transferred to another cell. Finally, in the morning on May 20 he cut his hands and belly in order to attract the attention of the prison guards, after which he was placed in the medical unit.

However, he was just given the first aid and returned to the cold cell, where he was kept until May 26. After this he received three more days in the penal cell. After his release from there the prison administration wanted to sent him to work – manufacture of wooden pallets. However, he refused to work due to the extremely low wage – after all deductions only 5,000 Belarusian rubles ($0.3) is left to him. He refused to do it and on June 2 was again placed in the penal cell, this time for seven days. On June 9, he received another penalty for refusing to work.

All in all, Mikalai Dziadok has spent 22 days in the penal cell for refusing to work in the penal colony.

According to the doctors, a long stay in the penal cell, which usually has no ventilation, a poor lighting and a low temperature, can considerably worsen the state of the prisoners' health and contribute to an aggravation of chronic diseases.

The political prisoner is going to appeal the numerous penalties.

Mikalai Dziadok has served 4.5 years in prison for alleged hooligan actions towards official buildings and was to have been released on March 3, 2015. However, February 26 the Leninski District Court of Mahilioŭ sentenced the prisoner to another year in jail under Article 411 of the Criminal Code, "willful disobedience to the administration of the administration of the penal colony". April 30 the appeal court left the sentence in force.