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Administrative case against Rečyca fans "surfaced" for third time

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Maksim Malinouski

Maksim Malinouski

As reported by Rečyca Uncensored, June 8 Rečyca Town Court again considered the administrative case of soccer fan Maksim Malinouski, accused of dirty swearing and ignoring the comments of passers-by on April 19. The trial was postponed again, this time to June 15, due to the failure of the alleged witnesses of the incident to appear at the trial.

Let us remind that on April 25 the guy was called to the police “for a talk” and was placed in the temporary detention facility for two days. On April 27, Rečyca Town Court started considering the administrative case against Malinouski and another soccer fan, V. Bianchuk.

The both youngsters were released after the trial. The violation report against Mr. Bianchuk was returned to the police department for revising, whereas in Malinouski's case there allegedly appeared some witness who had heard somebody swearing with four-letter words. As a result, the trial was postponed to April 30 so that the witness could confirm whether it had been Maksim Malinouski or somebody else. However, the trial didn't take place that day.

It's worth noting that several days before the detention of these youngsters many local soccer fans (more than 20) had been visited by the police at the place of their study and held prophylactic talks with them, telling that soccer fans are very bad guys and needed a special supervision. Some of them were called to the police department for personal talks, too.

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