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"Dissident" - the first film about Mikhail Kukabaka (video)

2014 2014-10-30T17:33:45+0300 2014-10-30T17:33:45+0300 en The Human Rights Center “Viasna” The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Mikhail Kukabaka

Mikhail Kukabaka

The film "Dissident" tells about MikhailKukabaka - Belarusian who for his beliefs spent 17 and half years in prisons, cages and closed psychiatric clinics.

This is the first documentary devoted to the Belarusian dissident who lives now in Moscow.
In 2014 by the invitation of Human Rights Center "Viasna", MikhailKukabaka has arrived in Belarus. He visited his native city - Babruisk, went to the places described in the essay "The Stolen Fatherland" (1978) and met with human rights defenders and friends of youth.

The journey to the Fatherland is the basis of the documentary "Dissident".
The film reveals the features of the fate and character of MikhailKukabaka, telling how one man was able to resist the totalitarian system of the Soviet Union, didn’t break down in the intolerable conditions of Soviet prisons, conquered fear, preserved the dignity and didn’t lose belief.

The film's director, Viktar Tratsiakou, says: “Mikhail Kukabaka - a man who was able during all his life to combine the children's curiosity and courage to life with the wisdom of an adult."
This is a film about human rights, as well as about the Belarusian identity that carries man through his life.

"Dissident" - the first film about Mikhail Kukabaka (video)

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