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The police again detained Vinahradau. As if they want to talk

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Pavel Vinahradau

Pavel Vinahradau

Opposition activist Pavel Vinahradau went today to the police station of the Moscow district of Minsk for checking because he is under preventive supervision. But he still didn’t leave the station.

His wife and friends are waiting for him outside.They were told thatPavel is staying there for, "conversation", hisphoneis switched off.

He was brought by his wife Svetlana and two friends to the building of the Moscow district police department, which is located on the street Hrusheuskaha 9. At 9:45 a.m., Paul entered the building. In 15 he by phone he told his wife that the inspector isn’t in the office and others are looking for the paper for checking. After 10 minutes Pavel’s phone became unavailable. Svetlana wasn’t allowed to enter the building of the police department of theMoscow district, the attendant said that Paul held a conversation, and it will last till 3 p.m.

Wife Svetlana believes that this is just another arrest; they always say her that her husband allegedly carried out preventive conversations, but then they arrest him.

Over the past two years Pavel spent more than 200 days in the detention Center.
Yesterday Vinahradau was released after 15 days of arrest. Among other things, he said yesterday:
"Today, I was given to sign a paper with changes of the rules under which I have checked in the police department. If usually I could do it on Thursday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., then from now on I can do it only on Fridays and only from 9 to 10 a.m. Why is it so, I do not know. May again they want arrest me. So tomorrow I will go for checking, taking the things with me. "

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