7 journalists got killed and 265 cases of beating registered in Ukraine

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Since the beginning of the year, the Institute of Mass Information (Ukraine) registered 7 cases of killings of journalists in Ukraine, 265 cases of beatings and attacks on journalists, 119 facts of creating obstacles to lawful professional activities of journalists and 120 cases of censorship.

This is stated in the results of the monitoring of violations of journalists' rights
by the Institute of Mass Information, "Barometer of Free Speech". The document notes that the major developments in the field of freedom of speech in Ukraine in August were the death of the Russian journalist Andrey Stenin near the town of Snizhne in the Donetsk region, a rapid increase of the pressurization of journalists by the occupation authorities of Crimeaand the continuation of capturing journalists by terrorists in Donbass.

In IMI believes that the circumstances of Stenin
'sdeath need a thorough and impartial investigation. At present we know only that he was in a car which was hit by a shell. The Ukrainian side now does not have access to the scene, because this area is controlled by the terrorists of "the People's Republic of Donetsk". This is the seventh death of a journalist this year, according to the monitoring. It was also reported that in August there were recorded nine cases of violation of freedom of speech in the Crimea, while in July there was recorded only one violation. "In particular, the pressurization of the Black Sea Broadcasting Network, the Center of Journalist Investigation and the founder of the Crimean News Agency QHA Ismet Yuksel continued. The occupation authorities of the Crimea also began blocking Ukrainian sites," points IMI.

Among other violations
IMI experts recorded 8 cases in the category of "beating, attack", and 8 cases of abduction and detention of journalists in eastern Ukraine. In particular, journalists of the TV channels NTN, "Espreso TV" and "112 Ukraine" have been taken hostages by "Donetsk People's Republic" and "Luhansk People's Republic".

*** Institute of Mass Information conducts monthly monitoring of freedom of speech in the
Ukraine in the following categories: physical aggression, censorship and access to information, economic and political pressure, legal pressure and cyber crimes against media and journalists. Monthly reports include only cases related to freedom of expression and professional journalist activities.