Activist Aliaksandr Shachanok disappeared

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Aliaksandr Shachanok

Aliaksandr Shachanok

The whereabouts of a civic activist from Bykhau district Aliaksandr Shachanok have been unknown since 27 August.


BelaPAN learned the news from Mahiliou human rights activist Barys Bukhel.


According to the human rights activist, for the last time Aliaksandr Shachanok was seen on 27 August in Bykhau district court, where the activist’s lawsuit was considered against the neighbor, who had beaten him and was charged with causing him grievous bodily harm. Bukhel is in touch with the relatives of the disappeared person in Bykhau district and Mahiliou, who told him about the disappearance of the activist.


Bukhel reported that he repeatedly helped Shachanok to prepare documents for lawsuits. At the latest court’s proceeding it was supposed he would put forward a motion for changing the measure of restraint for the defendant, since he had allegedly threatened the civic activist.


“I have already called the bureau for accident registration at the police department of the Mahiliou region executive committee, but it was futile”, - Bukhel said. According to him, on 29 August Shachanok’s relatives appealed to police on the matter of the disappearance of the civic activist.


At the information and public relations department of the Mahiliou region executive committee’s PD they said that currency Bykhau PD “was taking inspection as to Shachanok, aimed at locating him”.


Mr. Shachanok was very active in civic sector. He repeatedly submitted complaints to law enforcement agencies as to unlawful, in his opinion, actions of certain employees of Bykhau PD. In the municipal elections in March he was a team member of a candidate from the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada).