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Baranavichy: Mikalai Charnavus asks the court not to try him in absentia

2014 2014-07-05T22:14:58+0300 2014-07-05T22:14:58+0300 en The Human Rights Center “Viasna” The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Individual entrepreneur Mikalai Charnavus, kept in the city hospital after the arrest of July 2, filed applications to the court and prosecutor's office. He describes the events on July 2, when police major Aliaksei Hetsman gave him charges under Art. 23.34 Part 3 of the Administrative Code - organizing and conducting unauthorized mass event.

July 3, the entrepreneur was visited in the hospital by a policeman, who asked him to sign the paper that he agreed to be tried in his absence on July 7. However, Mikalai Charnavus strongly disagreed with the content of this paper. Therefore, on July 5 he submitted a letter to Chairman of Baranavichy City Court, asking it not to hold the court hearing on July 7 without his presence.

Mr. Charnavus also applied to Baranavichy City Prosecutor, asking to take measures of prosecutorial reaction to the unlawful actions of the police, who refused to call an ambulance on his request for five hours, although he had the 2nd group disability. He also asks the prosecutor to oblige the policemen to return him his disability certificate II-nd group that he needed to purchase medicines at a reduced cost. Mikalai Charnavus also seeks to examine the legality of making the administrative report on July 2, as his state of health did not allow to adequately respond to the questions of police officers.

Photo: Mikalai Charnavus during the strike of Baranavichy entrepreneurs, July 1

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