Volunteers collect donations in support of the relatives of priest Lazar

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Priest Uladzislau Lazar

Priest Uladzislau Lazar

According to the coordinator of the civil initiative “For Liberty” (“Za Voliu”) Hanna Shaputska, the fundraising is necessary first of all to pay for the lawyer and the parcels to the remand prison:

“We know that his relatives need not only moral, but also financial support. We hope that we will collect the money and the people donate to us. We can support them somehow in this difficult time.

The responsible secretary of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Dzianis Sadouski stated that more than 5.000 signatures in support of priest Lazar have been collected already.

“This work will doubtlessly continue, both online on the web, as well as near the churches. The process continues and we intend to continue it untill solving the issue of priest Lazar.

Since 31 May the Catholic priest of the parish of Holy Spirit in Barysau Uladzislau Lazar has been kept in the remand prison of the KGB. The charges to him remain unclear as far as the KGB continues keeping silent in this case despite all public demands and the media hype.

A “Marathon of Solidarity” in support of priest Uladzislau Lazar has been held at the Minsk office of the BPF Party. As said by Hanna Shaputska, prayer marathons in support of the imprisoned priest have been held as well.

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