Slonim: BCD activists intend to control the quality of drinking water

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In Slonim, an activist of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Barys Kuchynski filed a collective appeal to the presidium of the Slonim District Council of Deputies and the head of the Slonim Distri ct Executive Committee Iosif Pauliukevich.

The appeal expresses concern about the state of the implementation of measures within the frames of the “Program for Water Supply and Sanitation "Clean Water " for 2011-2015 in the Hrodna region".

The matter is that the water in Slonim doesn't meet the sanitary norms of Belarus, containing too much iron. By their ruling No. 259 of 26 March 2004, signed by the previous head of the executive committee, Mechyslau Kastsiukou, the local authorities legalized the supply of the drinking water with the content of iron equal to 1.50 mg/l dm, although, according to paragraph 3.6 of the Sanitary Norms, it mustn't exceed 0.3 mg/l dm. Such approach of the local authorities is contrary to the program of demographic security of the Slonim district and is bad for the health of the inhabitants of Slonim, especially for children, which is stated in the appeal.

The BCD member demands to allocate additional funding from the budget of the Slonim district for 2014 for the implementation of activities on the program of water supply and sanitation "Clean Water" for 2011-2015 in the Hrodna region for the sake of ensuring that the iron content in the central water supply in Slonim meets the standards of drinking water. He also demands that the local authorities hold a meeting with official representatives of the Slonim City Executive Committee and the Slonim District Council of Deputies according to paragraph 2 of Article 22 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On citizens and legal persons" to report on the status of implementation of the "Clean Water" in the city and listen to the offers of the local residents.

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