Member of United Civil Party will be tried for action against dislocation of Russian military base in Belarus

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A member of the Mahiliou branch of the United Civil Party Mikalai Hladyshau, who on 4 July held a picket agaianst the plans to place a base of the Russian air forces in Belarus, will be tried on 15 September.

The activist received a summons, which indicates that he must appear in the Leninski District Court of Minsk as an offender. According to a police report Hladyshau is charged with violating the Law “On Mass Events”.

Mr. Hladyshau held a protest action opposite the town hall in Minsk. As specified in the report, he "publicly protested against the deployment of foreign troops on the territory of the Republic of Belarus" without having an official permit for the picket, holding a banner "No to Russian airbase om the Belarusian land".

The activist will go to court, but does not consider himself guilty.

“Only the military bases of Belarus are to be placed on the territory of Belarus, but no foreign ones, which violates the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, where it is stated that Belarus is a neutral country", said Mikalai Hladyshau.

Mikalai's picket lasted for about 1.5 hours, though the police report states about 40 minutes. The activist didn't show any resistance to the police during the detention.

The activist has an ill mother to look after. He became a member of the United Civil Party short before the picket.

The police asked him who incited him to the action and whether he was promised to be paid any money for it.

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