Zhlobin: Yauhen Basareuski files objection to the protest of the prosecutor's office

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The member of the Belarusian Leftist Party "Fair World" Yauhen Basareuski and his counsel filed an objection to the protest of the Zhlobin District Prosecutor's Office against his acquittal.

A similar objection was filed by the other defendant in the case, his former colleague Valiantsina Kastsiukevich.

“In our letter we reasonably write that the court made a fair decision and no harm, especially large-scale harm, was done to the state by the activity of our enterprise”, says Mr. Basareuski. “And one more thing. The prosecutor said in his protest that we pursued our own profit, but it was denied even those witnesses who were called to the court hearings by the prosecutor. This is also indicated in our objection.”

On 19 July the Zhlobin District Court acquitted the member of the “Fair World” and his former colleague Valiantsina Kastsiukevich of charges under Article 424 of the Criminal Code ("abuse of power or of a position of authority"). The Zhlobin District Prosecutor's Office didn't agree to this decision and filed a protest to the regional court.

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