Barysau District Executive Committee violates the law again

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Barysau District Executive Committee announced a public discussion concerning the construction of a shopping center, but did it afer the beginning of the fellation of a solid wood.

In May of this year a sudden cutdown of at the intersection of Gagarin, Budauniki and Dauman Streets in Barysau of perfectly healthy young pines was started. In this "triangle" the local residents were playing with their children, rested. The green zone gave them an opportunity to breese a fresh air in the immediate vicinity of the busy highway Minsk-Vitsebsk-Moscow ...

To prevent the trees from cutting, the local residents hammered large nails in the trees. Nevertheless, the trees were cut down. Only later, on 7 August the information about the “public discussion” of the consturction of the shopping and leisure center, ordered by the open stock company “Sam Invest” and implemented by the open stock company “Proyek-Stroymaster Plus”, appeared at the website of the Barysau District Executive Committee. Before this, nobody asked the local residents whether they supported the fellation of the trees and needed that center.

The practice of holding “public discussion” after the beginning of construction works is incidental to the Barysau authorities: this is the way they “discussed” the construction of a shopping center in teh former military settlement Pechy.

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