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Entrepreneurs on strike in Pinsk

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Entrepreneurs have started a wildcat strike in Pinsk.

As the head of a public association Perespectiva Anatol Shumchanka told the web-site, entrepreneurs are striking against the requirements of Customs Union’s technical regulations. According to him, around a thousand entrepreneurs from the marketplaces in Zornaja and Leninhradskaja streets have not opened their business today.

The entrepreneurs have claimed holding a “one-day warning work suspension”.

“If the technical regulations come into force, entrepreneurs in Pinsk will have to stop working. Until an official document, confirming the postponement of these technical regulations’ entering in force for a year, is published, we will continue the dynamic actions”, - Shumchanka said.

We would remind that entrepreneurs’ strikes took place in Viciebsk and Hrodna.

The technical regulations of the Customs Union “On the safety of light industry goods” provides for documental confirmation of the quality of goods, including ones, imported to Belarus from Russia, despite its being the same customs space.

In order to obtain the necessary documents entrepreneurs need to either validate the Russian quality certificate, or send a part of the goods for a special expertise.

Initially these regulations were supposed to enter into force on 1 January 2013. But after last year’s wave of discontent a postponement was provided.

It became known yesterday that entrepreneurs may get another year-long postponement until 1 July 2014. On 20 June Shumchanka received this information from the director of the entrepreneurship department of the Ministry of Economy of Belarus Aliaksandr Hruzdou.

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