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Mahiliou authorities ban street rally

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The official reason for the denial of the mass gathering expected to be held on 11 November was the fact that the organizer failed to undertake the obligations required in the law.

The initiator of the "Slavic March" Dzmitry Dzenisenka said that the ban on the event was none other than a formal reply.

"The law does not say that the absence of this commitment is the ground for banning an event. Within 15 days, the authorities should have addressed the issue and contacted me, but they did not do this," says Dzmitry Dzenisenka.

The activist said that he had already filed a new application for the "Slavic March" and hoped to receive a positive response the following week.

"The purpose of the event is the exercise of constitutional rights of the freedom of expression. We want to support the idea of ​​Slavic unity, national and social justice and protest against globalization. Slavic unity is a brotherhood of the Eastern Slavs and, more generally, the entire Slavic world. All Slavs should unite and, above all, Belarusians, Ukrainians and Russians, to meet the challenges of globalization", says Dzmitry Dzenisenka.

The activist also said that, according to the application, the "Slavic March" should have involved up to 350 people. Both the picket and the procession were to be held at the locations and route determined by the city officials – in the stadium "Khimik" – and followed by a march along the street.

Dzmitry Dzenisenka says that he and his friends do not belong to any political organizations and parties, but are simply a group of people.

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