Valiantsin Stefanovich: KGB has violent imagination

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The human rights activist does not believe that the youth activist Andrei Gaidukou worked for foreign intelligence.

“We heard the official KGB version, there is little information – only that he was detained allegedly putting the information for foreign intelligence in a hiding place. I do not fully believe that considering we already had the experience when KGB had different wild fantasies”, - the deputy head of the human rights center Viasna Valiantsin Stefanovich told in an interview.

The human rights activist reminded that KGB repeatedly made weird statements:

“We can recollect the press-conference of the former KGB chief Stsiapan Sukharenka with rats in the sewage system and the statement that opposition allegedly prepared an explosion in the square in 2006. On the TV they showed us a “terrorist” who said he had trained in Georgia and there he had been taught by Arab and American instructors. We can recollect when before the 2010 elections they showed a garage in Malinauka, which had a military arsenal with grenade launchers and machine guns and the statements that this storehouse was prepared by opposition for the power seizure. We did not see the continuation of all these stories – no accused, no suspects, and no outcomes of any kind”.

According to Valiantsin Stefanovich, the human rights activists do not trust the State Security Committee’s statement:

“It is very dangerous when special services make things up. In the 1930-ies special services also liked to fantasize. They made up conspiracies, put people in prisons and shot them. In such a situation we, human rights activists, do not trust the KGB information”.

The human rights activist names the mismatches in the KGB’s version about a foreign intelligence agent:

“There is a number of issues that look strange to me. What kind of information interesting for foreign special services could provide a person who worked as a locksmith at the Naftan works?” Such information that he had to put it in a hiding place. It causes doubts that in the world of modern technology someone will put information in a hollow or a stump”.

Valiantsin Stefanovich reminded that in the case of the teddy bears landing force KGB accused completely innocent people:

“Fresh are examples of Siargei Basharymau and Anton Surapin, who were accused of having something to do with illegal boundary crossing. All Surapin’s guilt came down to publishing pictures with teddy bears, and Basharymau’s – that he landed an apartment to Swedish citizens. How this was relevant to the incident that happened – it is hard to tell. By the way, the criminal case against them has not been discharged”.

We would remind that on 8 November an activist of the organizational committee for creation of a party “Belarusian Christian Democracy” Andrei Gaidukou was arrested. He is not in the KGB prison. KGB accused him of working for foreign intelligence.

According to the KGB’s statement, the activist was allegedly detained in the moment when he was putting the information, which interested foreign special services, in a hiding place. A criminal case has been filed against him according to the article 356 of the Criminal Code “state treason in a form of carrying out agential activities”.