Navapolatsk resident suspected of “treason”

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Andrei Haidukou, deputy head of the youth association "Union of Young Intellectuals" was detained in Vitsebsk on November 8. Soon, he was moved to Minsk, and now he is in the KGB jail. Reports say that another resident of Navapolatsk was questioned in the case – activist of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party Ilya Bahdanau, but he was later released on recognizance.
Details of Andrei Haidukou’s detention were told by his mother Volha:
"They just came with a search warrant. I did not know that my son had gone to Vitsebsk. He is an adult, and we have different views on some things. I told him repeatedly said that civil activities is a dangerous business. But he said that he has his own beliefs, and that there was nothing illegal about his activism. Andrei wanted to register some organization in Navapolatsk. But I do not know much about this, we do not talk about it. But I am sure that the charges he is facing are not true! He is not a traitor, and if he got in trouble, it’s all because of his youth and foolishness. Or that is some sort of set-up.”
Andrei Haidukou’s mother says her son was warned not to be involved in politics, including during “educational” talks at Polatsk University, where Andrei takes a correspondence course, and at work – the guy works as a mechanic at the major oil refinery "Naftan".
Andrei Haidukou is not affiliated with any opposition parties, but was engaged in public affairs in the Navapolatsk-based “Union of Young Intellectuals”. The NGO’s Head Yauhen Kanstantsinau says that they participated together in “silent protests”:
"We applauded in the square, prepared "March of Freedom"... Besides, our organization arranged seminars and trainings, we have had debating clubs. I do not understand why Andrei could be useful to the American intelligence, he was not working at a secret industry, he does not know any extraordinary secrets. An ordinary guy, curious, reads a lot..."
None of Andrei’s friends knows the details of the case: all the information is only from online sources. There is but one his friend, BCD activist Ilya Bahdanau from Polatsk, who knows more. But he can’t speak on the issue, after he signed a non-disclosure commitment.
According to the official website of the KGB, "the State Security Committee prevented the illegal activities of a citizen of the Republic of Belarus, who was engaged by a foreign intelligence service in the collection and transmission of political and economic data. The citizen was arrested by the KGB officers when making a dead drop. The detained person faces criminal charges under Par. 1 Art. 356 of the Criminal Code of Belarus ("treason through intelligence activities"); a complex of operational-investigative activities aimed at identifying other episodes of his illegal activities is currently in progress."

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