Rechytsa: court marshals raid place of work of opposition candidate

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 6 September the marshals of the Rechytsa District Court N. Hancharova, A. Kandzinau and S. Lapata (all in the photo) came to a shop of the private enterprise Alida & Co.”, where an opposition candidate Anton Niafiodau works. They blankly demanded from the workers to given them cash, allegedly as a compensation of a debt.

Having received a refusal, the court marshals called the police. The shop assistants informed the head of the enterprise Aleh Shabetnik, who came to the market together with Anton Niafiodau. Mr. Shabetnik asked the court marshals to show him the warrant. The warrant really concerned him, but as an individual entrepreneur, not as the head of the enterprise, that’s why Mr. Shabetnik refused to pass the money to the marshals.

Anton Niafiodau thinks that this raid could be conducted in order to make the workers feel unsafe and that such raids of officers of various state institutions can continue.

“Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections”

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