UCP Babruisk activist warned by KGB (updated)

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Viktar Buzinayeu

Viktar Buzinayeu

Viktar Buzinayeu, Babruisk leader of the United Civil Party of Belarus, has been summoned for interrogation to local KGB office.

The activist was earlier invited for “conversation” by phone. However, he refused to appear without proper procedures. This time the summons was served to his wife, while Mr. Buzinayeu was out. “The reason for the interrogation is dealing with Art. 9 and 11 of the Investigative Code. Still, I do not know what the conversation will be like,” says the activist.

Another UCP activist and potential candidate Andrei Kazlou received threats from local tax inspection. “The tax inspector said they could close down my business,” says Andrei Kazlou.

The UCP Babruisk leader Viktar Buzinayeu received an official warning as a result of a three-hour conversation with a KGB officer.

The KGB agent said Mr. Buzinayeu could be prosecuted under criminal procedures in case he staged a street protest in the town. 

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