UCP member not registered as candidate on first attempt

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

When the member of the United Civil Party Uladzimir Maliarchuk made the first attempt to pass the documents for the registration of his candidacy for the Parliament to the election commission of the Vileika constituency, he presented a copy of his party membership card.

The commission refused to accept the document without seeing the original of the card. In response Mr. Maliarchuk asked the commission member who had allegedly been nominated there by “Red Cross” to present the original of her membership card. As it was found out, the authorities just “believed her words” during her inclusion in the commission.

Thus, in spite of having all necessary documents Uladzimir Maliarchuk didn't manage to get registered as a candidacy on first attempt. Meanwhil, according to the Electoral Code, prospective candidates can present to constituency commissions copies of their membership cards.

Mr. Maliarchuk says that it was not difficult for him to bring the original of the card, but this incident reflects the unequal attitude towards representatives of pro-governmental and oppositional structures.

“Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections”