Photographer Anton Surapin detained for three days

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They will check whether he is connected with the teddy bears incident.

Anton was the first who published the photos of the teddy bears with parachutes and appeals for freedom of speech in Belarus at his web-site

In the morning of July 13 the KGB officers came to his place. They conducted a search and after that Anton's phone became unavailable. Only late at night Anton Surapin's friend posted in his Twitter that the investigator called Anton's mother and informed that he had been detained for 72 hours for conducting a checking.

Let us remind you, the first information, as well as photos and videos, of the illegal flight of the Swedish plane over Belarus and the "teddy bears landing" appeared on July 4. A complete video of the flight was published in the Internet later. The official Minsk denies the fact of illegal crossing of the Belarusian border and claims that the video- and photo materials were "fabricated in the Photoshop".


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