Pavel Svyardlou's appeal disappears

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It was lost somewhere in the corridors of Minsk police.

On June 25, Euroradio's journalist Pavel Svyardlou sent an appeal against the sentence made by the Maskouski district court of Minsk, which had given the journalist 15 days of detention on June 22. However, the document never reached the Minsk city court. Pavel passed his appeal to the administration of the Center for isolation of law-breakers, located in the Akrestsina street, in accordance with the rules.They were supposed to pass it to the police city administration with a courier, and then - to the court, also with a courier. However, Euroradio has found out that the police city administration received the appeal, but the court never saw it. 

Thus, only the lawyer's appeal will be considered in the framework of Svyardlou's case in the Minsk city court. Naturally, if the documents from Pavel do not arrive.

Besides, the appeal of the "Tell the Truth" activist Pavel Vinahradau was passed on June 26 and safely got to the court.

Let us remind you, consideration of appeals of Pavel Svyardlou, Pavel Vinahradau and Alyaksandr Artsybashau, sentenced on June 22, will take place today, on June 29, in the Minsk city court, at 15.00.