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10 of Dzyadok's violations are for unbuttoned clothes

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Political prisoner Mikalai Dzyadok has 12 violations of prison rules during the year.

The prison chief offered Artyom Prakapenka to apply for pardon. Alyaksandr Frantskevich does not hope to be amnestied. Ihar Alinevich does not write letters and phone, Radio Svaboda reports.

Family of Ihar Alinevich, who serves 8 years in a penal colony in Navapolatsk, has not received letters from him for more than a month. He does not phone home. Ihar's father wrote to the colony chief that the criminal procedure code allows phone calls.

“The prison chief sent a formal reply that 'telephone calls are allowed in accordance with internal rules of the correction facility'. Prison rules turn out to be more important than the criminal prosecutor office. He also writes that they had a talk with Ihar about the importance of keeping in touch with family,” Valyantina, Ihar's mother, says.

Mikalai Dzyadok was placed in solitary confinement 6 months ago. Mikalai's relatives received replies to their complaints.

“The first one concerns his transfer to the Shklou penal colony. We asked why he had been transferred. They replied he had been moved because he influenced other inmates negatively.

In our second complaint, we asked to inform how many violations Mikalai had and for what. We got an answer yesterday that he committed 12 violations during 12 months in sentence. 10 of them were related to clothes: not proper clothes, unbuttoned clothes, absence of a badge and so on. The two remaining violations were for his refusal to clean up a cell,” political prisoner's wife, Valeria Khotina, says.

Artyom Prakepenka's mother, Violetta, says she has not received letters from her son since her visit to the colony. He phoned home on Saturday:

“He said he had two new violations in addition to the previous two. He did not say what the violations were, but he was rather sad. He said he was called to the prison chief and offered to apply for a pardon. He says he is under constant pressure. Frankly speaking, I worry he may be thrown into a punishment cell again. He is to call tomorrow, but I don't receive letters.”


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