Bad Day for Journalists: Euroradio Correspondent Arrested

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The journalist for Euroradio Paviel Sviardlou is reported to be arrested by civil dressed persons who provided no explanations on the detention reasons.

He was forced to a minibus and there were no data on his locality for several next hours.

However, the journalist reached the editorial office at 2 PM Minsk time and said he was brought to a police station and will be tried for petty hooliganism.

Furthermore, a minibus with civil dressed people has been staying next to the Euroradio office since noon. The people in the minibus resemble those who arrested the journalists.

As Euroradio’s editor-in-chief Vital Zybliuk told NN.BY, they don’t hinder the work of journalists.

Euroradio has prepared the article from Minsk subway: the journalists walked ‘the bombers’ route’ [the way Minsk subway bombers are considered to use] carrying a big bag. None of them were stopped for a security check.

“The arrest of Mr. Sviardlou may be the revenge for that article,” suggested Euroradio’s chief.