Police try to break into apartment of Fyodar Mirzayanau's mother

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The incident happened in the evening on June 20.

The mother of ex-political prisoner Fyodar Mirzayanau has told the BelaPAN news agency that two policemen called her on the house intercom and demanded that she should let them into her apartment in order to talk about her son. According to the lady, they spoke loudly so that the neighbours could hear them. Mirzayanava is convinced that they tried to create a negative atmosphere around her by doing so.

The lady refused to let the police in but someone did open the entrance doors for them. They started knocking on her door soon. The police were interested in Fyodar's whereabouts and when he was going to come home. The mother answered that he studied in Poland and would get back only when the regime fell.

Lyudmila Mirzayanava explains this visit by the fact that she has close contacts with other political prisoners' relatives: Alena Likhavid (Mikita Likhavid's mother), Maryna Lobava (Edward Lobau's mother), Maryna Adamovich (Mikalaj Statkevich's wife). 

Let us remind you, Fyodar Mirzayanau was sentenced to three years if imprisonment in a reinforced-security colony for the December 19 case. He was released under the presidential decree on pardon on September 14.

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