Court turns down ecologists’ appeal against “Peking” hotel

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The Frunzenski District Court of Minsk rejected the lawsuit of the Belarusian ecologists against the “Hotel “Peking-Minsk” Ltd.

The lawsuit “For stopping economical activity which has a harmful impact on the environment” was filed by the civil association “Ecodom”, architect Uladzimir Zubok and ecologist and civil activist Valery Dranchuk. It was the third hearing on the case.

“The trial was quite strange: it was appointed on 6 p.m., after the end of the official working hours. The judge dropped the case on solicitation of a representative of the Leninski district of Minsk, as it allegedly exceeds the competency of the court. First of all, here we see a violation of Article 6 of Aarhus Convention, as the public was deprived of the right to take decisions concerning the construction of the hotel and the removal of trees. Now we also see violation of Article 9 of the Convention – the court evades from the consideration of the dispute, whereas this article provides that ecological disputes are to be considered at court. That’s why we state violation of the two articles of the Convention and will appeal them to higher courts. It will also put another stain on Belarus on the international level for non-implementing its international undertakings,” stated lawyer Siarhei Mahonau.

The company intends to construct the hotel “Peking” in 40-hoddzia Kastrychnika Park.

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