Hrodna: official openly states his indifference

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 14 June there the head of the department of control over executive authorities and coordinative activities of control bodies of the Hrodna Regional State Control Committee Ivan Kashko accepted citizens at the Hrodna City Executive Committee.

Among those who registered for the audience in advance there was civil activist Sviatlana Rudkouskaya who is trying to het reinstated at the position of the head of housing company #14. According to the labor and social department of the Hrodna City Executive Committee, the labor legislation was violated during her dismissal, but the executive authorities (the Leninski District Executive Committee in Minsk, the Minsk City Executive Committee and the labor inspection) still haven’t taken any measures to reinstate her at work.
In this situation, Sviatlana Rudkouskaya reasonably decided to ask the head of the regional State Control Department, asking him to intervene and coordinate measures to remedy violations of labor laws. However, the official flatly refused to accept her written appeal, saying that housing companies are social organizations with their own laws. Ivan Kashko said literary the following: “I won’t accept your appeal, as I will have to send you a come-off in any case”. Such behavior of the official caused a justified indignation in Sviatlana Rudkouskaya. Believing that he had directly violated the Law on Citizens' Applications and refused to perform his duties, she entered a complaint in the complaints book of the Hrodna Region State Control Committee.

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