Homel: hotel administration breaks rent agreement with “Talaka”

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The administration of the “Nadzeya” hotel cancelled the rent agreement with the Homel local core organization “Talaka” on 13 June, several days before the meeting with linguists Piatro Sadouski and Vintsuk Viachorka.

“We concluded an official agreement several days ago and paid the money, but in the morning of 13 June we received a telephone call and were informed that the room was occupied,” said the head of “Talaka”, Yauhen Merkis. “And even the further events, which we intended to hold at the hotel, were cancelled because of it, including sittings on Belarusian education and the wooden buildings which are being ruined in Homel”. When Yauhen asked the hotel administration about the reasons, he was hinted that it was done on order of the Homel Region Executive Committee.

As a result, the meeting was held in another place. Yauhen Merkis says there may be several reasons for such actions of the authorities. Firstly, the actions of “Talaka” may be viewed as dangerous by some officials. Secondly, it can be a part of the general pressurization on NGOs in connection with the upcoming parliamentary elections.

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