Court supports dismissal of deputy head of independent trade union at “Granite” enterprise

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Mikalai Karyshau

Mikalai Karyshau

The deputy head of the independent trade union organization Mikalai Karyshau didn’t manage to defend his right to work at the Luninets District Court.

According to the lawyer and human rights defender Uladzimir Malei, who represented Karyshau’s interests at court on 12 June, the arguments of Karyshau and four his witnesses failed to convince Judge Vasil Belski that the activist had been fired in violation of the labor legislation. The lawyer reminds that the worker of the loading workshop received two reprimands for the same thing during one day, and the reason for them was non-implementation of the security rules by the employer.

However, the court took the side of the enterprise. Moreover, Judge Belski stated that the employer has the right not to extend the labor contract for any reason.

It’s worth mentioning that it’s not the first “Granite” case for Belski. Earlier he considered the appeal of the leader of the trade union organization, Aleh Stakhayevich, and ruled in favor of the enterprise, too.

Now Mikalai Karyshau intends to appeal the court verdict at the regional court, though there is no hope for a positive verdict. He is sure that he is persecuted for the wish to defend his rights within the framework of an independent trade union.

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