Deputy head of Presidential Administration breaks his promise to accept citizens

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On 7 June the deputy head of the Presidential Administration Valer Mitskevich didn’t keep his earlier promise to accept representatives of a civil initiative against lawlessness at courts and procuracies. This was stated to a “Novy Chas” journalist by the leader of the civil initiative, lawyer Tamara Siarhei.

According to her on 17 May Mitskevich refused to have an audience with representatives of the initiative despite receiving a collective appeal for it.”However, we were promised that soon such a meeting of the initiative’s representatives with Mitskevich would take place,” added the lawyer.

Time was passing, but nobody invited the citizens to the meeting. On 6 June they paid one more visit to the Presidential Administration. They were said that the meeting would be held on 7 June and the official would meet only with the representatives of the group chosen by him. At first, two representatives of the initiative were appointed to the meeting, but on 7 June just one citizen, to whom the group didn’t delegate its powers, was invited to it. That’s why, when about 20 representatives of the initiative from different parts of Belarus gathered at the reception room of the Presidential Administration on 7 June, their representative didn’t manage to meet with Valer Matskevich.