Siarhei Kavalenka transferred from quarantine to work brigade

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Several days ago Alena Kavalenka, wife of the political prisoner Siarhei Kavalenka, found out he had been transferred from the quarantine department of Mahiliou colony #19, to work brigade #5.

Alena is quite anxious about it, as soon Siarhei will have to work, while he still has health problems as a result of a long-term hunger-strike he had kept: "He has been there for several days only. What concerns the attitude towards him – everything seems to be more or less normal. What concerns the state of his health – sometimes his legs get swollen. He also complains about kidneys and liver. Moreover, he has problems with pancreas, which makes him worried."

Most probably, this week Alena Kavalenka will have a short-term meeting with her husband. The administration of the colony also told her to pass Siarhei's passport, as it would be impossible to consider the question of his release on parole without this document.