Hrodna: journalists punished with big fines

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The trials over the journalists, protesters and passers-by detained during an action of protest in Hrodna on 31 May continued on 6 and 7 June.

On 6 June judges Natallia Kozel and Kseniya Stasiukevich delivered several sentences: journalist Yuliya Kaliada was fined 2.5 million rubles, pensioner Henryka Stremalkouskaya – 1.7 million, one more pensioner, Stanislava Tsivunchyk – 2 million, Irena Miklash – 1.5 million. Passer-by Piatro Tabola who intervened to defend a woman during the forced detention, was fined 2.3 million rubles. Journalist Hrazhyna Shalkevich was fined 5 million rubles.

The trial of Edvard Dmukhouski ended on 7 June. He was fined 4.5 million rubles.