Hrodna: court conveyer at work again

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Trials over the journalists and civil activists, detained at a picket against the introduction of Russian-language classes in the only school with the Polish language of instruction in Hrodna, started on 6 June.

Journalist Hrazhyna Shalkevich was fined 5 million rubles by Judge Natallia Kozel, allegedly for participation in the action. The cases of at least 7 other detainees could be considered on 6 June, but there is no detailed information at the time.

Bear in mind that on 1 June the police brutally dispersed the picket near the Hrodna Region Executive Committee and detained more than 20 people (including preventive detentions). Ihar Bantsar, severely beaten during the detention, was sentenced to 13 days of arrest the same day, the trials over other detainees were to have started on 4 June, but were postponed.

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