Zhodzina authorities fail to report about environmental disaster

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In early March a local environmental catastrophe occurred in Zhodzina due to an accident at the local heating plant, as a result of which technical oil was spilled in the water reservoir on the river Plisa. However, the authorities and the relevant state institutions still haven’t published any reports about the results of study of samples of water.

To date, local residents have no information about the official results of such studies which could confirm the complete liquidation of the consequences of the oil spill in the river of Plisa. Moreover, the local population knows very little of this incident due to the reluctance of the authorities to give publicity to it. Many of the local dwellers are convinced they fish in clean water, though dead fish can be found in the reeds near the banks of Plisa.

According to Article #12of the Law “On Environmental Protection”, “Rights and duties of citizens on environmental protection”, “every citizen has the right to a favorable environment, as well as to receiving, keeping and disseminating complete, accurate and timely ecological information”. Judging by the situation with the river of Plisa, this article is being grossly violated in Zhodzina.

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