“Our House” activists accused of terrorism

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Tatsiana Yakauleva was arrested in Vitsebsk region, on suspicion of involvement in “terrorism” as she was traveling to a fishing contest among children in a local village.

The police grabbed Ms. Yakauleva, an activist of the civil initiative “Our House” upon her arrival at the central bus station from her hometown of Vitsebsk.

The officers claimed that they suspected the woman of having explosive on her, said the press service of “Our House”.

Ms. Yakauleva had traveled to the small village to distribute T-shirts and road safety reflective accessories with “Our House” logo among young children participating in the contest, which had been organized by the NGO, said the press office.

As the press service reported later, the police officers accused Ms. Yakauleva of carrying too large (29 pcs.) lot of T-shirts without proper documentation. The final version of the police report has not a single word on accusations of terrorism. Ms. Yakauleva was released with no charges, she was also returned the T-shirts.

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