Political prisoner Dziadok put in solitary confinement for six months

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According to decision of the head of the Shklou colony #7 Mikalai Dziadok, who is serving 54-month prison term, will spend six months in a prison cell.

"The regime for Mikalai was unlawfully changed to a harder one. The pressurization of my son has started long ago. He has been repeatedly forced to write a clemency petition. Moreover, his brigade was made to work 6 days a week, which is unlawful. Mikalai just expressed his disagreement to it, as there are also obligatory prison duties. As a result, he was deprived of the long-term meeting with the mother and the wife, which had been allowed in June, and was placed in a one-man cell," said his father, Aliaksandr Dziadok.

The administration of the colony refuses to contact with the prisoner's relatives. Two days ago Mikalai's mother had an audience with the penal department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Siarhei Pratsenka, who phoned to the head of the Shklou colony in her presence and staged a show, telling her what a good guy her son was, though the decision to put him in solitary confinement had been taken by that moment.

"During the stay in Babruisk and Shklou colonies Mikalai received more than ten admonitions for alleged violations, such as "incorrect reaction to a remark". As a result, the upcoming amnesty may not be applied towards him," says Aliaksandr Dziadok.

Mikalai Dziadok was sentenced to 4.5 years in a maximim-security colony on 27 May 2011 within the framework of the "anarchists' case". He, Ihar Alinevich and Aliaksandr Frantskevich were found guilty of organizing an anti-military procession near the Ministry of Defense, assault on "Shangri-La" casino, setting fire to the doors of a "Belarusbank" branch and an assault on the Russian Embassy.

On 7 April he was transferred from penal colony #15 in Mahiliou to Shklou colony #17 without any explanations.