Homel democrats aren't given room for workshop

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Activists of Homel Democratic Forum intended to hold the workshop "Interaction of NGOs and media: mutual interests and crossing points". Representatives of NGOs, mass media, bloggers and media activists were invited to the event.

Regional journalists intended to hold speeches and discuss the interaction of NGOs and mass media, explain the peculiarities of writing press-releases and news production, the possible mechanisms of cooperation between the "third sector" and the "fourth power" for the development of the civil society.

The week before the event HDF activists concluded a rent agreement with the administration of the "Sozh" hotel. However, on 31 May the administration of the hotel informed them that the event must be canceled, as the hotel received an urgent order to start repair works at its conference hall.

"It's the third time we have received such sudden refusals at the last moment. All such cases were connected to events which were aimed at the development of the local civil sector, independent organizations and initiatives," commented the HDF founder Piatro Kuzniatsou (in the photo).