Court rejects Liabedzka’s lawsuit against KGB

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Judge of the Tsentralny District Court of Minsk Alena Siamak refused to consider the lawsuit of Anatol Liabedzka against KGB. Since April 2011, the politician has been trying to get back the notebook and money which had been confiscated from him during a search.

Though the criminal case against Mr. Liabedzka was brought because of the absence of corpus delicti, the things haven’t been returned to him. “I have applied to KGB, to the Investigative Committee and to the Procuracy. All of them forwarded my papers to KGB, so it became a vicious circle. The only institution to which I can appeal is the court. But even the court explains that I cannot do it, as I am a citizen with some special rights,”, commented the politician.

By the way, Anatol Liabedzka has also filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus in connection with unlawful foreign travel restrictions towards him. The case will be considered at the end of June, also by Judge Siamak.

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