Belarusian Helsinki Committee asks procuracy to inspect conditions of Kavalenka's keeping in hospital

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According to the wife of Siarhei Kavalenka, Alena Kavalenka, her husband is in a critical state and doesn't receive the necessary medical aid.

At present Mr. Kavalenka is kept in the psychiatric department of penal colony #3 in the Vitsebsk region in connection with the long-term hunger-strike.

Lawyers of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee addressed the Vitsebsk district prosecutor with a request to check the legality and reasonableness of Kavalenka's placement to the psychiatric department of the prison hospital, as well as correspondence of the conditions in this institution (medicines, equipment and personnel) to his state.

As far as there exists a real danger to Siarhei Kavalenka's life because of the duration of the hunger-strike, human rights defenders ask to conduct the inspection as soon as possible.

Brest: regional procuracy forwards appeal against picket ban to those who banned it

Members of the Brest unit of Trade Union of Radio-Electronic Industry received an answer concerning their appeal against the ban on their picket in support of activists of the trade union which is being created at "Granit" enterprise in Mikashevichy.

According to the answer, the Brest Regional Procuracy considered it as "inexpedient" to pay an independent reaction to the appeal, and forwarded it to the Brest City Executive Committee which had banned the action.

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