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Young Front member expelled from third year of BNTU

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Mihas Muski has sent a letter to Syarhei Maskevich, Minister of Education, today.

The administration claimed that the official reason for the expulsion was truancy. The student was arrested twice last year and spent 10 and 7 days in Akrestina. The first time he was jailed for throwing eggs at demonstrators near the communist monument to Lenin. Then he was arrested for December 19 action of solidarity with political prisoners.

The guy has explained to Euroradio that he thinks that his expulsion is illegal. He has written about it in his complaint to the Minister:  

Muski: "I would like to find out why I have been expelled.  According to the university statute, I had a good reason to miss classes – I was jailed.  They should not expel me for it”.

However, Muski is not going to sue the university – he says that it would be a waste of time.

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